iBG Finance

iBG Roadmap

Our journey since inception and the plans ahead

Q3 2020

• The iBG protocol was conceived.
• Market research & protocol viability was coducted.
• The token economics was designed.
• A strategic partnership with a digital asset custodian for token issuance was established.
• A partnership with a fund was established.

Q1 2021

• The iBG token minting begins.
• The private token sale

Q2 2021

• Launch of iBG Welcome Wallet.
• Kickstart by invite only community token sale (via Welcome Wallet)
• Launch of Affiliate Marketing for iBG Ecosystem products.
• The iBG app enhancement for V2 & smart engine development
• Integration with popular DeFi protocols & networks.
• The iBG treasury and liquidity setup takes place.
• iBG Token is available for secondary market sale in DEX (Update: Launch on 11th August 2021 BSC & 30th Aug
• The iBG airdrop for marketing activities takes place to invite community to participate in Product & Financial Literacy.

Q3 2021

• The iBG Al model back testing begins.
• The iBG app V2 trials on testnet
• Strengthening strategic partnerships with institutional players.
• Roll out of iBG Robo Advisor V2 on mainnet with cross chain to 10 DeFi protocols

Q4 2021

• Trial release of V3 on testnet