Connecting to Networks

MetaMask supports the Ethereum network and all its testnets. At the same time, it supports Binance Smart Chain. You cannot directly access it from the network drop down menu, so follow this guide.

Binance Academy has a guide for setting up your MetaMask wallet. You may follow that or follow the following guide.

Adding and Connecting to the Binance Smart Chain

Step 1: Open up your MetaMask extension by clicking on the fox head.

Step 2: Select the network selector to bring up its drop down menu. Select "Custom RPC".

Step 3: Key in the details of the Binance Smart Chain. Details can be found in the Binance Academy article linked above. Select "Save" when done.

Step 4: You may now select Binance Smart Chain from the network selector menu.

Congratulations! You have added the Binance Smart Chain to MetaMask!

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