iBG Token

Supply, Issuance & Rewards

iBG Token (ERC 20)

Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC 20)

ERC 20 Contract Address: 0xf16cd087e1c2c747b2bdf6f9a5498aa400d99c24

Cross Chain Bridge: Ethereum - CGCX iChain / Ethereum - BSC (will be made available after Uniswap IDO)

Total Supply: 45,000,000 iBG

iBG Token (BEP 20)

iBG (ERC 20) 10,000,000 from total supply has been budgeted will be locked for BEP 20 total circulating supply.

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

iBG Smart Contract Address: 0x5c46c55A699A6359E451B2c99344138420c87261

Total Mintable Supply on Masterchef: 10,000,000 iBG

Initial Supply: 45,454 iBG

Distribution per Block: 0.7 iBG

Dev Team Allocation per Block: 0.01 iBG

iBG Token Utility

Key Token Utility for iBG Welcome Wallet (iBG App V1)

• Staking iBG tokens to provide Liquidity to ecosystem

• Priority access to iBG token via primary market purchase exclusively via iBG Welcome wallet

The first launch for the iBG App is the Liquidity providing and exclusive locked staking program.

Liquidity providers will get LP tokens as a receipt for providing liquidity into any of the above pools. These LP tokens can be staked on the iBG app in order to produce yield.

Token Utility for iBG IDO (BSC & Uniswap)

iBG will launch three trading pairs on the popular Decentralised Exchanges (DEX) on Uniswap (Ethereum) and Pancakeswap (BSC).

After acquiring iBG tokens, investors will be able to provide liquidity to the following liquidi­ty pools:

On pancakeswap: iBG/BUSD, iBG/BNB

Key Token Utility for iBG Smart Contract DeFi Manager (iBG App V2)

• Utility to invest into portfolio strategies;

• Utility to pay for Success Fees;

At this stage, users will be able to choose from different strategies that are available on the app, and invest their iBG tokens by locking them for specific periods of time. Each strategy will be clearly outlined along with estimated returns in iBG tokens .

Key Token Utility for iBG App Release v3: iBG Robo Advisior

• Utility to vote for governing proposals;

• Utility to participate in portfolio strategies;

• Utility to pay for Success Fees;

As the App takes on its intended full functionality, the community will be able to perform the functions with its token. Keeping in mind the changing dynamics of the DeFi landscape, well thought proposals for governance in­cluding yield pay outs mechanism and network layers will be raised to the Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO) for voting to uphold our mission to keep users at heart and would continuously work towards giving an intuitive and seamless product.

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